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Eye Networks helps ISPs and installers create the best Internet experience for their customers, based on our expertise and hand-picked products and solutions from our vendors and partners. We have an extensive product catalog focused on access/CPE, wireless solutions, and provisioning and monitoring. See our webshop at http://telecomshop.no We also develop EyeSaaS, a digital service platform for tailored to the needs of ISPs for management and insight into their install bases. Find out more at https://eyesaas.com Eye Networks was founded in 2005 under the name DSL Partner AS. We pride ourselves on providing professional networking services and solutions to ISPs of all sizes.

Founded: 2005

Founder: Jan Pedro Tumusok

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Eye Networks: Networks that work-end to end

Eyenetworks.no The main reason a lot of us are excited by the new standard, is the promise of higher efficiency wireless, and that for the first time in a long time, both frequency bands are included in the update to the standard.

AirTies Air 4930 and Air 4920: What Are the ... - Eye Networks

Eyenetworks.no Vi leverer kvalitetssikrede nettverksløsninger og ekspertise til ISPer / internettleverandører og andre telekombedrifter i Norge og Norden.

Setting up AirTies Air 4920 or 4930 as a standalone ...

Eyenetworks.no In small homes, a single access point from AirTies can be enough to provide good coverage and performance, given the right house layout and placement of the device.

SSID / Network Name Selection: Five Things to Consider

Eyenetworks.no What's in a name? For a wireless network, a great deal, as its setup may even affect network performance. Here is a five-step guide to finding the best SSID setup for your network.

Troubleshooting AirTies Mesh Networks

Eyenetworks.no 1. Do both LEDs glow in green on all devices? Verify that all AirTies access points in the mesh network have two green LEDs on the front, with a short, slow blink on the 5 GHz indicator.

Five Good Reasons Not to Get a Wi-Fi Repeater

Eyenetworks.no Repeater, extender, booster: Call it what you want, but one of the most common advice against coverage issues is also one of the worst. We have alternate advice.

Checking the Firmware Version on AirTies Wireless Access ...

Eyenetworks.no Repeater, extender, booster: Call it what you want, but one of the most common advice against coverage issues is also one of the worst. We have alternate advice.

10 Things in Your Home that Interfere with and Block Wi-Fi ...

Eyenetworks.no Signal Disturbances and Interference. One important reason to choose newer equipment that supports the 5 GHz frequency band is that the signals on this band have a shorter range and are therefore less likely to create and pick up interference from networks than older equipment using the 2.4 GHz band.

Wi-Fi 6e: 6 GHz Internet > Eye Networks

Eyenetworks.no What is Wi-Fi 6e? First of all, Wi-Fi 6e is part of Wi-Fi 6, but not the same as Wi-Fi 6.. Wi-Fi 6 corresponds to the 802.11ax wireless communciation standard.This standard covers the two well established frequency bands for Wi-Fi: 2.4 and 5 GHz.

AirTies Mesh LED Light Signals - Eye Networks

Eyenetworks.no LED Color and pattern Status; None/Dark: Device is turned off. White constant light: The device is turned on. If the device has just been turned on or rebooted, note that startup takes at least two minutes.

Wi-Fi Signal or Coverage Issues? Don't. Boost. Your Wi-Fi ...

Eyenetworks.no Actually amplifying your router or extender's wireless signal to extend its reach runs the risk of being illegal in many countries. Local laws in for example Norway clearly specify both what frequencies and which signal transmission strength are allowed for indoor and outdoor wireless networks.

What is a Wireless Router, a Repeater, and a (Mesh) Access ...

Eyenetworks.no In order to have wireless internet in the home, three main jobs need to be taken care of: The home needs a connection to the Internet.This job is performed by a modem.; Multiple computers and devices must be able to share the same internet connection.This job is performed by a router.; Computers and devices must be able to connect wirelessly to this shared connection.

Locating Good Channels and Bad Neighbors with a Wi-Fi Scanner

Eyenetworks.no Slow or unstable wireless connections in your home. Mobiles, computers, or other devices that can't find the network. For this, also see further advice in Five questions to ask when your phone does not find Wi-Fi; However, if you are looking to measure coverage and signal strength for your own network, you will have more benefit from using a heat mapper.

Air 4920 as a Wi-Fi Repeater - Eye Networks

Eyenetworks.no What a Wireless Repeater Can Do. The AirTies Air 4920 can be set up as a repeater (also called Wi-Fi extender or amplifier). You can use this to extend your coverage in one part of your home where the signal is weak or missing.

18 Free Tips for Improving Your Home Wi-Fi

Eyenetworks.no Our best advice for improving coverage and performance on your home Wi-Fi. If you plan on buying new equipment, read this advice first!

Wireless Terms: Wi-Fi Terminology and Acronyms Explained

Eyenetworks.no Uttrykk Forklaring; antenna: An antenna is a component of a device dedicated to sending and/or receiving wireless signals. Any device meant to send or receive wireless signals must have one or more antennas either externally and visibly, or internal antennas, which are usually not visible.

Which Building Materials Can Block Wi-Fi Signals?

Eyenetworks.no Material Loss in decibels at 5 GHz; Concrete (203 mm) 55,1581: Reinforced concrete: 53,7989: Brick-faced concrete: 39,8953: Brick-faced masonry block: 32,6320

Sette opp AirTies ethernet mesh - Eye Networks

Eyenetworks.no Ethernet mesh gir deg det beste av to verdener – muligheten til å kombinere flere kablede og trådløse AirTies-enheter. Slik setter du det opp.

How to Set Up a Guest Network With AirTies Smart Wi-Fi

Eyenetworks.no Step by step: Setting up a guest network via web. Connect a PC, tablet, or mobile phone to your wireless network using the default SSID and password.

Sticky Clients: When Devices Cling to Poor Wi-Fi Connections

Eyenetworks.no A sticky client is a PC, mobile or other device that clings to a Wi-Fi connection even when it has no actual coverage. What can you do about it?

Airties Wi-Fi Documentation > Eye Networks

Eyenetworks.no Product information and practical guidance on Airties Wi-Fi mesh for the home.

Lyssignaler på AirTies Air 4920 - Eye Networks

Eyenetworks.no Lysindikatorene på forsiden av Air 4920 forteller deg hva som er status for enhet og nettverk. Her får du en oversikt over signalene og anbefalte tiltak.


Eyenetworks.no Datasheet WX3401-B0 2 Gateway Extender-A d Extender-B d Premium MPro Mesh™ for whole-home WiFi coverage Featuring the EasyMesh fully compliant Zyxel MPro MeshTM solution, the Zyxel WX3401 enhances your subscribers’ experience by providing self-adapting, easy-to-manage whole-home WiFi coverage, while reducing your service OPEX.

How to connect Mill heaters to mesh Wi-Fi > Eye Networks

Eyenetworks.no Some IoT / smart home products will only connect to the 2.4 GHz frequency band, and this causes problems when connecting to mesh Wi-Fi networks that use a single network name (SSID).

Get the AirTies WiFi App - Eye Networks

Eyenetworks.no The app works only with AirTies Air 4920 and 4930. The app is available for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad). Download AirTies WiFi for Android Download AirTies WiFi for iOS

Finding and Changing Your SSID and Password for AirTies Wi-Fi

Eyenetworks.no Step by step: Change Network Name (SSID) and password for AirTies Wi-Fi via web. By using the web interface for one of the AirTies devices to update these settings, they will automatically be copied to the other access points.

Guide for Installers: How to install Airties Wi-Fi

Eyenetworks.no Here we have collected everything you need for professional installation of Airties Wi-Fi in the customer's home.

Promises, Expectations & Disappointment why WiFi has ...

Eyenetworks.no Key figures 2015 and ambitions Siwsscom Internal Net revenue CHF 11678 m Total CapEx CHF 2409 m Net income CHF 1362 m FTE’s 21637

Stop Clearing Away Your Wi-Fi Signal > Eye Networks

Eyenetworks.no We know, we know—routers and other wireless access points tend to be visually boring at best, downright ugly at worst. But if you don't stop hiding yours, you will keep making your own network performance worse than it needs to be.

Sjekkliste når du ikke får koblet på wifi (eller blir ...

Eyenetworks.no Når en mobil, pc eller annen trådløs dings ikke vil koble seg på wifi, eller stadig kastes ut, kan det være flere forklaringer. Noen kan du teste selv.

Sonos and Wi-Fi: How to Minimize Wireless Interference

Eyenetworks.no Can Sonos and Wi-Fi be friends? We look at how to choose the right settings for your Sonos and avoid creating unnecessary wireless noise for yourself and your neighbors.

802.11ac Wave 2: What's New? - Eye Networks

Eyenetworks.no What functionality can you expect from wireless access points with support for 802.11ac Wave 2 - and what does it take to benefit from the new technology?

Hva er god trådløs signalstyrke, og hvordan måler du?

Eyenetworks.no Er du på Mac OS X, kan du også måle mottatt signalstyrke direkte uten å installere noe: Hold inne Alt-tasten og klikk på wifi-ikonet i toppmenyen, så vil detaljer om kommunikasjon med det trådløse tilgangspunktet vises under navnet til det aktive tilgangspunktet.. Prøver du å kartlegge signalet for en hel bolig, anbefaler vi å bruke en heatmapper til å bygge opp varmekart over gode ...

Extending AirTies Wi-Fi networks with one or more ...

Eyenetworks.no The home pack contains three access points that are already set up to form the same mesh network. If you need more than three devices to get full coverage, you need to add one or more additional access points into this network.

Installing an AirTies Home Pack with Smart Mesh

Eyenetworks.no With the home pack you get a smart, wireless mesh network right out of the box. Unpack the devices, give one of them access to the router, and connect them to power.

Voice Over Wi-Fi: What Does it Require? - Eye Networks

Eyenetworks.no Voice over Wi-Fi is still relatively new to Norway – services for homes were first launched by Telenor in 2016, while it had already been available for the corporate market for a while.

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